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EP: One Day EXTREME Plan - Epcot

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Copy this plan and follow it in the order that is described. Remove the items you do not desire, add your dining reservations and Fastpass reservations by clicking NOTES after copying the plan.

Epcot EXTREME Touring Plan

Arrive 60 minutes before park opening. The Character Meal line will also turn into a regular line shortly before opening.

The goal of this Epcot Touring Strategy is to help someone who is planning to spend only ONE day at Epcot and they want to meet all the best characters and ride all the best rides. It is designed for those who wish to use Regular Operating Hours which begin at 9:00 AM.

If you hope to accomplish this plan in its entirety, you MUST arrive at Epcot by 8:00 am. Go to an available Mickey Touch Point at the gate and get in the shortest or non-existent line. If you snooze, you will wait in lines, often. I tested this plan on a busy day and did not wait for ANY ride and only short waits for characters to appear. If you are just a few minutes late, you could wait 30-120 minutes for a single ride.

Epcot is the largest park in terms of walking area. The World Showcase is one mile around, so you will do a lot of walking. This plan only involves one small double back from France back to United Kingdom, so it is really easy on the feet.

If you follow this Epcot Touring Plan, you will be able to do every ride and meet all the characters and still have some time in the evening for a nice meal. I recommend a quick service lunch, but you could do a Table Service lunch and move the meets and rides in the afternoon down an hour or so. Just be sure to check the character schedules to make sure you can fit them in. Arrive EARLY for every Princess meet. The meets are often filled before the Princess even arrives.

Book Fastpass+ for: Mission: Space 9:30am
Frozen Ever After 4:30pm
Spaceship Earth 7:00pm

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